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LIFEGIVE SYSTEMIC ENZYMES - Raw, Vegan, Organic - 2 months treatment

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LIFEGIVE CHLORELLA - Raw, Vegan, Bioavailable - 1 month or 3 months treatment

Bio-available Chlorella

1 month or 3 months treatment


LIFEGIVE PROBIOTIC MAINTENANCE - Superior Gut Health and Immunity - Raw, Vegan, Organic

Probiotics (with prebiotic) - living cultures


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IONIC ZINC, Angstrom size - Mother Earth Minerals

pure zinc, bio-available, ionic( angström size )

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IONIC MAGNESIUM, Angstrom size - Mother Earth Minerals

pure magnesium, bio-available, ionic (angström size)

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LIFEGIVE MELTAWAY ADVANCED New Advanced Formula - weight loss enzymes, gallbladder support and stabilization of type 2 diabetes

weight loss enzymes complex and gallbladder support

Interest also for type 2 diabetics through increased insulin sensitivity and decreased blood sugar levels

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With this pack, you benefit from the best products to regain control of your diabetes by bringing to your body the essential elements to control your blood sugar level.

This diabetes pack is composed of:

  • LIFEGIVE SYSTEMIC ENZYMES : Natural proteolytic enzymes indispensable to stimulate the immune system, detoxify the cardiovascular system and control the inflammation of the body.
  • LIFEGIVE CHLORELLA : A nutrient-rich green algae that detoxifies the body of heavy metals and participates in the stabilization of blood sugar level.
  • LIFEGIVE PROBIOTIC MAINTENANCE : Probiotics for regenerate the digestive flora, an essential condition for the good health of the organism.
  • MAGNESIUM and ZINC MOTHER EARTH MINERALS : Minerals that are involved in regulating diabetes.
  • LIFEGIVE MELTAWAY ADVANCED : decrease circulating glucose and reduce fat accumulation, resulting in a favorable metabolic environment for correcting and supporting Type 2 Diabetic conditions.


So don’t hesitate anymore, and improve your health by taking control of your diabetes !


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LIFEGIVE CHLORELLA - Raw, Vegan, Bioavailable - 1 month or 3 months treatment

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