LIFEGIVE POWER POWDER The purest and most potent Green Super food supplement – alkalizing complex

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Exceptional Super Food Concentrate

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The Most Powerful Super Food in one bottle !

LIFEGIVE POWER POWDER : The purest and most potent Green Super food supplement on the market! More than 60 vibrant ingredients :organic,pure, powerful, enzymes-rich, phytonutrients…Incomparable !


LifeGive Dietary Supplements were created more than 35 years ago by the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, which hosts every year anonymous and celebrities who come to learn how to take charge of their health.

These supplements are manufactured exclusively by and for the Institute, and only derived from plants and natural products.

They are Certified NOS (Naturally Occuring Standard) that makes the difference between natural vitamins and nutrients, and those made from chemical products.

They are made from whole foods and contain no preservatives, chemicals or any other harmful ingredients, allowing the body to assimilate them with a maximum absorption rate.

Vitamins derived from chemicals have a very low level of effectiveness since they are not recognized by the body that considers them as foreign. They are therefore difficult to absorb and endanger the proper functioning of the immune system. You won’t therefore have any benefit by using such low-quality products.

With LifeGive, you benefit from The experience of more than 60 years and from the world-renowned of the Institute, guaranteeing you an optimal and irreproachable quality.

If you want the best products for your health, those of the Hippocrates Institute will perfectly meet your requirements of quality, safety, ethics and above all efficiency, and that is why they remain unequalled to date!

Test the Difference, and they will become your faithful allies In your quest of optimal health!


LIFEGIVE POWER POWDER : Exceptional Super Food Concentrate !

LIFEGIVE POWER POWDER is the most powerful formula of  “green Powder ” or Super food that you will find on the market.
None of them comes to the level of the one of the Hippocrates Institute, which is strive to provide you the best of what you can find on a world level.
This super greens powder can be used on a daily basis to bring you more power, mental clarity, strength, muscle mass and endurance.
It’s an excellent substitute when you do not have access to daily green juices for example during your travels, to maintain the acid-base balance of your body.
LIFEGIVE POWER POWDER contains more than 60 purest and most potent organic ingredients, rich in enzymes and phytonutrients highly beneficial to your health.
The effectiveness of the supplements of the Hippocrates Institute is no longer to be demonstrated, their mission is to bring you the best for your health, and this since 60 years.
So don’t hesitate and test the difference, because you deserve the best!


Use : Start gently by taking 3 capsules a day and gradually increase to 8-12 capsules per day (can be taken at the same time or throughout the day) with a large glass of water. For intensive use, take 18 to 36 capsules per day or more as needed.


Ingredients :

Amount Per Serving:                               % Daily Value:
Calories 21.41
    Calories From Fat 2.4
Total Fat 0.26g           0.4%
    Saturated Fat 0.14g 0.8%
    Trans Fat 0.0g           0%
Cholesterol 0.0mg           0%
Sodium 48.3mg                 2%
Total Carbohydrate 3.6g   1.2%
Dietary Fiber 2.2g               8.75%
Sugar 0.5g                         *
Protein 3.2g                       *
Vitamin A                           475.9%
Vitamin C                             4.8%
Calcium                                   8.4%
Iron                                       31.7%


Other Naturally Occurring Food Co-Factors:

Bioflavonoids, Lutein, Chlorophyll, Beta Glucans, Iodine, Alginates, RNA/DNA, Sulforaphane, Phycocyanins, GLA, SOD, Octacosanol, Polysaccharides, Sitosterols, Xanthophyll, Zeaxanthin, Anthocyanins, Ellagic, Phenolic Acids.


Amount Per Serving:  % Daily Value:
From the Land™: 8556mg *
Nettle Leaf °∞ *
   Alfalfa ∞§ *
   Dandelion Leaf ∞§ *
   Barley Grass ∞§ *
   Oat Grass ∞§ *
Horsetail/Shavegrass °∞ *
Parsley Leaf ∞§ *
American Basil ∞§ *
Holy Basil/Tulsi °∞ *
Chickweed °∞ *
Moringa Leaf °∞ *
Barley Grass ∞§ *
Wheat Grass ∞§ *
Ginger Root ∞§ *
Yacon Leaf °§ *
Carob Pod °§ *
Shajalit °§ *
Amla Berry °§ *
From the Waters™: 3285mg *
   Spirulina ∞ *
   Chlorella ∞§ *
From the Oceans™: 875mg *
   Kelp ∞§° *
   Dulse ∞§° *
   Laver (Wild Atlantic Nori) ∞§° *
   Bladderwrack ∞§° *
   Alaria ∞§° *
Enzymes: 75mg *
   Protease ∞ *
   Amylase ∞ *
   Lipase ∞ *
   Cellulase ∞ *
   Bromelain ∞ *
   Papain ∞ *
   Alpha-Galactosidase ∞ *
Probiotics: 14mg

Acid stable shelf stable colonizing (NOT transient) Vegan

   L. plantarum ∞ *
   L. paracasei ∞ *
   L. rhamnosus ∞ *
   L. salivarius ∞ *
   S. thermophiles ∞ *
    L. bulgaricus ∞ *


Probiotics: 10,000,000 per serving

 § Organic  ° Wildcrafted   ∞ Truganic™ 

*Daily Value not established

 Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule)

Contains no fillers, stearates, other additives, gluten, or dairy products. Grown and processed without GM materials.

This is a Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) compliant product.


Packaging : Bottle of 400 capsules

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, non-excipients, GMO-free, kosher-certified.

Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.

Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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