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OXYGEN TREATMENT THERAPY™ – MOTHER EARTH MINERALS : « Your key for Health and Longevity ! »


The Oxygen Treatment Therapy (OTT) is based on the groundbreaking research work of Otto Warburg, Dr. W. Koch, Dr. Linus Pauling, and numerous others. Half a century of research has proven what should be quite readily apparent: Oxygen is the single most importantly vital nutrient for the individual mammalian cell.

Research has also conclusively proven that when cells, tissues and thus various organs of the body register low oxygen levels, chronic degenerative DISEASE STATES such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer routinely develop.

Unless and until OXYGEN electrons are made available to the cells, these “incurable” conditions will never reverse.

Therefore, pure OXYGEN is health’s LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR. (LCD)



It is highly recommended to begin the O.T.T. protocol slowly and gradually build up to a maximum of 14 drops 2 times a day (if fighting chronic disease).

The OTT oxygen mineral therapy is composed of two .5 oz liquid products, a concentrated MINERAL REAGENT (LCD1) and a concentrated ACTIVATOR (LCD 2).

When the two products are combined, a complex bio-chemical reaction occurs that produces a third, and separate compound element called hypochlorous acid, (HCLa) and a powerful, yet unstable (it only is bio-active for one hour) oxygenating substance called Glyoxilide. HCLa and Glyoxilide are primarily composed of pure, liquid oxygen (dioxide) ions, and are completely safe to consume.

These are nothing but ALL- NATURAL NUTRIENTS that the body MUST HAVE DAILY.

A deficiency in hypochlorous acid, for instance is actually described medically by the term myeloperoxidase deficiency, but most family doctors have never even heard of, much less diagnosed, this very serious condition.

ALL individuals suffering from chronic and debilitating disease states have this condition, and don’t know it.

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE BODY TO HEAL NATURALLY WITHOUT ADEQUATE HYPOCHLOROUS ACID, and the O.T.T. protocol delivers this amazing nutrient plus Glyoxilide in rich abundance.

Oxygen Treatment and Therapy produces the mineral catalyst referred to as“glyoxilide”. When taken as instructed, the O.T.T. mineral catalyst is completely non-toxic and safe.

When the catalyst is absorbed into the bloodstream and encounters carbon/glucose molecules, large amounts of OXYGEN is indeed created, and harmful NITROGEN is reduced. In turn, the free oxygen destroys anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites the way NATURE intended – through the mechanism of OXIDATION in much the same way as OZONE IN WATER destroys the same harmful pathogens.

When HCLa is held under the tongue, then slowly swallowed, this unique and powerful liquid oxygen compound immediately binds to the body’s red blood cells in the form of negatively charged dioxide ions that are literally LOADED with free electrons. These dioxide ions powerfully “oxidize” all an-aerobic, positively charged cells such as all viruses (including AIDS, HVC, and AVIAN FLU), heavy metals such as mercury, bacteria, molds, parasites, and of course, mutated cancer cells which also carry a positive electric charge(i.e they are missing électrons). (The OTT protocol is also a very effective antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning.)


RECOMMENDED USAGE: (For best results, use distilled water)

CAUTION!! Do Not Consume separately !! USE WITH CARE
This product, in its separate and concentrated form is corrosive (alkaline) as well as highly acidic. Immediately dilute any spillage with water and clean it up immediately.

Begin with just 1 DROP of Reagent (LCD1) combined with 1 DROP of Activator (LCD 2) taken 1 -2 times daily.

Use a small glass, such as a shot glass, then add the drops of LCD 1 and LCD 2. Swirl together. Wait 3 minutes for the chemical reaction to finish, it will turn a bright yellow. Add at least 30 mil of water (about ¼ of the shot glass).

OTT has a very strong taste; you may add more water or use non-sweetened juice. Within minutes, most people feel the dioxide ion activity, which often comes via a rush of energy and “well-being”.

Increase the dose by a single drop each day until you reach the maximum recommended dose of 14:14 in two weeks. This maximum dose should only be used long-term if you are working to permanently reverse a chronic disease condition, and it can be taken up to 3 times daily, (once the body eliminates the waste products).

When your immune system is balanced and strong, it is recommended to drop back to the maintenance dose of 4-6 drops daily

Even the “healthiest” body has a certain amount of toxins stored in the cells. When the dioxide ions oxidize the body’s pathogens, the waste material created must leave the body – typically through the bowels and urea. Whether chronically ill, or “healthy” – it is NORMAL to experience detoxification symptoms as the dose is gradually increased.

As toxins are oxidized, it is common to experience mild to severe flu-like symptoms including headache, muscle pain, nausea, and diarrhea. If these symptoms become too severe, just drop the dosage back a few drops until they subside. Don’t worry, these symptoms mean that you are truly PREVENTING serious disease from developing – and they are usually short in duration (8 – 72 hours.)

Do not use: Keep in mind that there are three things that must be avoided when taking O.T.T. White, refined SUGAR absorbs oxygen molecules including hypochlorous dioxide upon contact. Also avoid all CAFFEINATED and CARBONATED BEVERAGES, as well as alcohol while doing the O.T.T. Remember, these products ROB the cells and tissues of OXYGEN – while the O.T.T. is powerfully PROVIDING essential oxygen ions.


Comes in a set of 2 – 1/2 OZ Bottles.

First Bottle:
Mineral Reagent (LCD 1)
Alkaline pH 13.8
38% Concentrate of MgCl, NaCl, Distilled Water

Second Bottle:
Mineral Activator (LCD 2)
Acid pH 2.6
50% Concentration of Natural Fruit Acid (Pineapple and Lemon) and Distilled Water.


FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 8: Start with ½ : ½ drops a day, then go to 2:2.


Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.

Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.



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