“Being in search of Hawaiian Spirulina, and that does not seem to be an easy product to find, I am happy to discover that on the website vegetalien.top, we can find the purest spirulina ! smile
I did not stop there, and wandered on the website, with the desire to buy everything, as all the products are interesting! Whether in supplements, in cosmetics (nutri-cosmetic), or in complementary device to maintain the best health.
Caroline is always attentive and therefore of good advice, and with great kindness.
I also invested in the QRS device, for which I had a program tailored to what I wanted to improve.
Recently, I also bought for my dad the Chlorella, it seems to be bio-available because it undergoes a particular process, and is not more expensive than another.
I can only recommend that you tell her about your problems so that she can help you and accompany you to get better, or just to stay healthy.
She will know, with her experience and knowledge, help you, no doubt
Ally. D, Brussels, Belgium

” Since I had the chance to meet Caroline, I can say that my health has greatly improved. It was four years since I was not well, I took sleeping pills, antidepressants, I saw many doctors, I did shiatsu sessions, sessions of bio resonances, sensory massages etc … I spent a fortune in this care. Each time, I was told that I had to let go, I’m too stressed, I have to relax, that fatigue was an excuse, all that can be said to someone who is depressed. I had several times told the doctor that my body was not working properly, that there was something wrong. Nobody tried to find where it could come from, for them I was depressed.

And the miracle happened, I met Caroline. I called her, she took the time to listen to me, I explained all that I had done, what I felt etc …. it lasted a little while, once finished, she’s the only one who found me what I had. I suffer from adrenal fatigue so nothing to do with a depression. I was checking on the internet the symptoms that it could create and well I had 80 to 85% of these symptoms. It was a relief to finally know what I had.

Caroline advised me to take certain dietary supplements, and there for 2 months, I saw a considerable improvement of my health. These products are extraordinary, already they are healthy, no side effects, and they are especially effective, after 3 days I already felt improvement in me. I really recommend these products !!!!!

I would also like to talk about Caroline, because she really took the time to listen to me, to ask me the right questions and especially to find the real cause of my problem. If you are unsure about dietary supplements, contact her. She will answer you quickly, and she will be able to advise you and look for the cause of your health concerns.

I take this opportunity to thank you Caroline, for the good that you brought to my health. For all the work you do to improve people’s health with healthy and effective products. THANK YOU. “

Francis. L, Elbeuf, France

” If you are looking for quality products for your health, you should contact Cru Vegan Nutrition !!!.

Caroline is at your disposal to try to solve your problems. Myself, I called upon his services following a recurring stress. Thanks to her advice and her in-depth knowledge, I am much calmer. Adrenaven, Adaptogen are exceptional products. Minerals are equally effective and very well assimilated unlike other brands I could buy before. I was also seduced by the QRS. This device is extraordinary. it brings significant results from the first sessions.
Thank you Caroline for offering us all these advanced technologies that really contribute to our health. “


Béatrice. M, Marseille, France

” In a general way these products bring a notable improvement;

I particularly had convincing results with “Adaptogen” which advantageously replaces the products usually used for states of moral and physical fatigue;
All minerals are highly assimilable with sometimes spectacular results (like with magnesium or argentyn).
A special mention for the renal support “RenaVen” which after a classic treatment for proteinuria near 3g / l, keeps me blithely around 0.3 g / l or 0.2g / l for more than two years, much to the general astonishment.
Finally, the devices “QRS” and “NUCALM” provide relaxation and maximum recovery in the softness and serenity.

In addition to the quality of its products, Cru Vegan Nutrition is always available free of charge to provide advice to hesitant people.

CVN’s knowledge of the subject will be able to satisfy you through relevant recommendations.
An incredulous user at the start and who is happy now with all the positive results he had. 


Gérard. A, Marseille, France

The best kind of zinc

I have already tried many different types of zinc, but as I am very sensitive, I have always reacted badly. This is the first time I can tolerate zinc well and really feel the benefits. I will continue to buy this one. Thank you Cru Vegan Nutrition!

Clare. T, Paris, France

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