ARGENTYN 23 VERTICAL SPRAY – Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol spray

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ARGENTYN 23 VERTICAL SPRAY – Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (prevention and treatment of ENT infections, skin disinfection…)


Used for over 2000 years, silver plays a role in maintaining good health.
Hippocrates attributed to him abilities of healing and protection against the appearance of diseases.
The Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks knew its antimicrobial virtues well.

Colloidal silver was discovered in 1890, and in the years 1930 it was used to support the immune system and help the body to heal by itself.

We find a lot of colloidal silver products on the market. They are manufactured by reducing silver ions into silver metal particles, hence a decrease in their bio-activity.
Most of these products are inactive, not assimilated by the body and can be very toxic.

Thanks to his multi-disciplinary team, Natural Immunogenics revolutionized colloidal silver by developing a new and very high quality range of Silver Hydrosol in 1999.
They created the smallest and the most positively charged silver particles on the market.
The smaller the size, the easier it is for the body to absorb and eliminate it

Natural Immunogenics became the World leader of Silver Hydrosol, and no other brand comes to its level.
The range Argentyn 23 is only available from health care professionals.


Argentyn 23 is a Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, which is a mixture of silver ions and Nanoclusters of silver as small as 0.8 nm.

It is only composed of 2 elements:
1.99.999% pure Silver
2.Pharmaceutical-Grade Purified water

It contains The smallest particles and the most actively charged of all the colloidal silver products on the market, making it the most active, efficient and safest form of the market because of Its low concentration of 23 ppm.
For summary, Argentyn 23 is the “Grail” of Silver Hydrosol on the market.

The silver is used for the Immune system support and it’s a Broad-Spectrum antimicrobial that does not alter the good intestinal microbial flora (unlike antibiotics…).


ARGENTYN 23 is a professional Bio-active Silver Hydrosol that delivers advantages no other manufacturer can match :

  • actively charged : 98 % positively charged silver
  • easily absorbed : unprecedent particle size of 0,8 nanometers facilitates absorption and excretion
  • less is more : ultra-small particle size results in greater surface aera, making our low concentration of 23ppm more effective than brands up to 1000ppm
  • perfectly safe : safe for all family
  • 99,999% pure : no added salts or proteins. just pure silver in pure water
  • vegan, gluten-free, non GMOs, no allergens
  • endotoxin/pyrogen tested



Indications of ARGENTYN 23 Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol vertical spray :

  • For all ENT disorders : colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis…
  • Protection in high period at risk of contamination (winter periods, flu epidemics…)
  • Protection against microbes when travelling by plane
  • Daily prevention
  • Disinfection of the skin (wounds, cuts, fungal infections, acne….)


Can also be used for animals and plants infected with fungi, viruses or bacteria.


Storage : avoid sources of electromagnetic energy and extremes of light


Ingredients : silver and pharmaceutical grade purified water



-adults : 20 sprays (2ml) contain 46 mcg of silver

-children 4 years and older : 10 sprays

use sprays for ears and nostrils. 

can also be used for animals and plants affected by fungus, bacteria or viruses.


Packaging :  59 ml vertical spray


Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.


Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease


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