Thyroid problems : One of the most common hormonal issues

(From Hippocrates Health Institute)

The thyroid is, in some senses, the hormonal epicentre of the body. It regulates and maintains hormonal levels in an efficient manner, doling out what’s needed to keep the body operating at its best.

Here’s the problem – over millions of people have thyroid disorders, making this one of the most common reasons for hormonal imbalances in the body. What’s worse is that about 60% of those living with thyroid conditions don’t realise that they have them. A thyroid condition can be responsible for numerous negative effects within the body, such as :

Unexplained weight gain
Low sex drive
Dry skin
Stomach issues
Hair loss
And many more

One of the biggest reasons for thyroid disorders is perfectly treatable. It’s about diet, and specifically the intake of iodine.

Iodine is like the thyroid’s main regulator. Imagine setting someone to work behind a computer at a factory, and that computer regulates what happens within that factory based on available information. This is your thyroid at work within your body.

Imagine you restricted that person from getting adequate nutrition or sleep. What would happen? They’d begin to make sloppy, even damaging decisions on how to regulate the factory. This is what happens when we restrict iodine to the thyroid, and its hormonal releases become askew. Approximately 40% of the world is iodine deficient, and unlike some other nutrients there is relatively little disparity between developed and developing countries.

Iodine deficiencies rear their heads in many other ways within the body, but the thyroid is perhaps the most vital of these.


LifeGive Thy-Well : An iodine formula with 100% bioavailability, meaning your body absorbs the entirety of the iodine from this.

Iodine formula
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