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 Today it is possible to treat differently

This is Caroline’s pretty adventure, a professional nurse for 15 years and suffering from an autoimmune disease, she has chosen to learn from the famous American Health Institute Hippocrates, who has been accompanying the learning of health care through natural biases for 60 years.

Having revolutionized Caroline’s life, she decided that her role as a nurse would be to prevent and treat in a natural and organic way.

The products formulated directly by the Hippocrates Institute for 35 years are at the forefront of research. They are entirely natural, composed of Whole Foods, no chemical element is added. The body can therefore assimilate them with a maximum absorption rate.

Each product is tested bio-energetically to bring you always the best. The Institute’s mission is to produce only nutritional products of impeccable quality for your health, guaranteeing the use of the best ingredients and flawless efficiency. No excipients are used, the products are pure, guaranteed without artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives. »

These food supplements and vegan cosmetics are high-end. Quality, safety and efficiency: there is nothing comparable on the market!

We know, chemicals are not recognized by the body, in fact, the immune system fights them. Synthetic food supplements are therefore difficult to absorb and such low-end products do not bring any benefit to your health. Thinking of treating us, we provoke the opposite effect, our body gets tired all the more, and puts itself in danger.


Much more than a website, a real accompaniment

More than just a website, offers a real follow-up and accompaniment, both in the choice of treatment, and in its rehabilitation over the months. Caroline is helping her clients for free. You can contact her by email and by phone. She will help you define a personalized program to get results and will follow you throughout the process.


To each question its solution

Whatever your request, you will find a response on the website A multitude of products adapted to your needs are proposed to you. For each product you have a very detailed description. You can now take care of yourself in a transparent manner.

You are not announced, exams and summer are coming in great steps. That’s why Caroline shares her secrets with you to make life easier for you.

You are plagued by stress, we have the solution: ADAPTOGEN-R3 that treats physical and mental stress. Composed of Rhodolia Rosea, roots of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, Maca, Opuntia, Cordyceps Fermented and turmeric, its exceptional composition will give you strength and energy to deal with all situations. Don’t forget also “the King of Minerals”, The Ionic MAGNESIUM, Pure and Bio-Available, essential to more than 300 chemical reactions in the organism…

Are you leaving soon on vacation and want to lose weight? Forget the miracle recipes that won’t make you lose 100 grams and damage your immune system!

Food Supplements Meltaway has already proven itself through its natural enzymes targeted at the digestion of excess fats. Its efficacy has been clinically validated by the institute that has been using it for over 30 years, successfully, to accompany people who want to lose weight. Its exceptional lipase and amylase concentration will help you get rid of your overweight in addition to regular physical activity and judicious food choices, supporting your digestive system and the elimination functions of your organism.»


Finally, for the cream-lovers, you will not be left out. « Become a Heavenly Body », natural slimming cream, stimulates fat metabolism and prevents the formation of cellulite clusters with powerful active ingredients such as fisetine and raspberry ketones.


The cosmetics range of the Hippocrates Institute is revolutionary. This is called Nutri-cosmetic. These products will also feed your organs through the skin.

These 100% natural products do not look like any other and their efficiency is unparalleled. We find ingredients like liquid oxygen, algae, Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate (50 times more effective than vitamin C!) that will revolutionize the condition of your skin.

You want exceptional results, then you need products of an unprecedented quality and efficiency!

Now you have a remedy, the products of Cru Vegan Nutrition will revolutionize your daily life because Caroline has only one mission: to bring you the best!

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