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pure silver, bio-available, ionic( angström size )

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LIQUID IONIC SILVER – MOTHER EARTH MINERALS : « Your key for Health and Longevity! »

Why choose well your mineral supplements? Know the role and importance of each of the essential minerals to stay healthy and avoid deficiencies.


In his research, Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Price of chemistry) was able to highlight the relationship between diseases and mineral deficiency.
For him, any disease (of any order whatsoever) can be linked to a deficiency in these precious elements.
The symptoms of a disease are the signal of an imbalance and our physical well-being is directly dependent on the quantity and quality of the minerals we bring to our body.
Do you know that most of us suffer from dangerous mineral deficiencies and that we should not rely on our daily diet to restore the balance necessary for the proper functioning of our body.
Why? Because the soils on which our crops grow are totally devoid of most of the minerals essential to the human body, no matter how much food we ingest.
A deficiency of the most important minerals that the body needs, undeniably entrains the disease.
They are therefore essential to achieve optimum health, and powerful in their ability to heal.

Our body uses and needs more than 80 minerals to stay in balance.
Dr. Linus Pauling has identified 21 that are essential for the maintenance of good health.
Minerals are the co-factors of many enzymatic reactions essential to the proper functioning of the human body. These precious minerals activate the enzymes that will be able to play their role. Without these minerals, the enzyme will remain inactive.
Each cell is dependent on these precious elements in order to maintain its structure, its role and its electrical conduction.

Dr. A. True Ott, a PhD in nutrition, founded MOTHER EARTH MINERALS more than 10 years ago and this company became the leader in this field.
Dr. A. True Ott suffered from a severe potassium deficiency that earned him a cardiac arrest. This led him to seek answers to his state of health and Dr. Linus Pauling played a major role in his understanding of the phenomena of the human body.
Dr. Pauling explained that a mineral can only have an effect on a cell if it is able to penetrate it.



Mother Minerals Earth Minerals are meticulously prepared with pure water, distilled, energized.
Through a complex process of which Mother Earth Minerals has the secret, the minerals are liquefied and take the form of crystals very highly bioavailable, non-metallic, ionic and the size of a angstrom (size required to be able to penetrate inside the cell).
The ionic charge is the opposite of the intestinal cell load which allows the minerals to pass the intestinal barrier and to be quickly absorbed with a rate approaching 100%.
This process is extremely useful to all people with digestive disorders who can take advantage of the exceptional absorption of these minerals, and also to children and elderly people who may have difficulties with ingestion of tablets.
People who perspire a lot (sportsmen, night sweats…) must be supplemented with minerals because they are eliminated by sweating.



  • Ionic : That is to say they have an electrical charge allowing them to pass the intestinal barrier
  • Water soluble : Very highly Bio-Available, the size of a angstrom, which can penetrate inside the cells and not just the bloodstream.
  • Completely natural : No sugar, starch, yeast, artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives, animal products, dairy products, wheat, gluten, corn…
  • 100% VEGAN
  • The highest quality of liquid minerals on the market, pioneer in their field and often copied…
  • Unique formula that make them Bio-Available
  • represents The best choice In mineral supplementation.

It’s your health, it’s your choice… Then make a wise choice! Choose the best!


Use Tips :
Recommended dosages are for people over 28 kg.
For children between 14 and 28 kg, reduce the dose by 2.
Between 5 and 14 kg, divide the dose by 4.
Under 5 kg, divide the dose by 8.

1 dose corresponds to approximately 1 ml, which corresponds to a high pressure on the eyedropper (1 dose = a pressure on the eyedropper, even if it’s not fully filled).
The liquid should be placed under the tongue to favor sublingual absorption and direct passage into the bloodstream.
Wait a minute before swallowing.
Wait at least one minute before taking another mineral.
Most minerals must be taken early in the morning.
MOTHER EARTH Minerals can be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women and are even highly recommended because they help cells to use better the oxygen, help the placenta to feed the fetus and promote the production of a quality breast milk.

MOTHER EARTH Minerals can also be used for your pets: Give them 1 dose of each mineral in their drinking water every 5 days.

Packaging : 2 oz glass eyedropper bottle (About 56 ml)

Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.

Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.



Silver (AG) is one of the earliest known metals, quite likely due to its known medicinal values in the ancient world. Like Iodine, Silver is a potent natural antibiotic. Unlike modern pharmaceutical antibiotics however, nature’s remedy leaves helpful, aerobic probiotic bacteria intact.

Silver is different from zinc, because silver actually has been proven to kill viruses and bacteria on contact;  After using zinc to put a viral or bacterial infection on hold, you can use silver to help you finish off the flu.

In clinical studies, silver has been shown to kill EVERY virus and bacteria known to man – to date over 650 virus/bacteria.
Silver is nature’s broad spectrum antibiotic/antiviral element. Silver has a specific frequency charge that simply shatters anaerobic microbes.

Silver and zinc in tandem can stay in the blood and create a very potent “secondary immune system” that may prevent viral or bacterial infections well before they even start.

Did you know that the human body has no immune system in certain places such as the spinal fluid and other organs ? Many people with decade-long chronic backaches have found relief from their “viral infections” by taking an ionic silver supplement.
Certain backaches are caused by “viral infections” in the spinal fluid that traditional antibiotics or colloidal silver products simply do not touch.
However, water soluble ionic angstrom size silver will indeed penetrate such areas and may help to clean up the infections.

Dosage : 2 to 4 droppers per day


  • It participates in the activity of more than 100 enzymatic reactions
    • It helps in the assimilation of vitamins, is essential to good growth, participates in the synthesis of the DNA, treats diarrhea, improves memory, reduces the risk of onset of chronic diseases, is very useful to treat skin problems ( Acne…)
    Zinc has the incredible ability to regulate the immune system. It activates T lymphocytes (T Cells) but also macrophages that fight cancer cells and destroy them.
    • It is therefore essential for all people whose immune system needs to be supported (cancers, autoimmune diseases…).
    • Symptoms of disability: hiatale hernia, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, acne, herpes, infertility, thyroid problems, urinary tract infections, decreased libido, hair loss, Crohn disease, obesity, eye problems and cataracts….

Dosage :
• For people with weakened immune systems: 1 dose per day in the morning
• For the maintenance of good health: 2 doses every 3 days in the morning



  • Little known by the public but it has a major role
    • Helps cells to produce vitamin E (potent antioxidant)
    • Indispensable to the proper functioning of the Thyroid with iodine.
    • Improves the operation of the Immune system (Belgian scientists have shown that daily intake of selenium 100mcg increased the functioning of the immune system by 80%)
    • Essential to the Activation of the enzyme “glutathione peroxidase” by the liver that help removing toxins of the body. Without this enzyme, the toxins remain in the bloodstream!
    • Ensures the good health of the mammary gland in women and the prostate in men
    • Symptoms of disability: fatigue, anemia, brown spots, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeats, cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s, infertility, low birth weight, cancer, HIV…

Dosage :
• If no health challenge: 1 dose every 3 days



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