BECOME A HEAVENLY BODY natural slimming cream

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fisetine (flavonoid), raspberry ketones, algaes, caffeine, essential oils

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BECOME A HEAVENLY BODY : The most effective natural slimming cream!


Natural effective slimming cream , most powerful ingredients: fisetine (flavonoid), raspberry ketones, algaes, caffeine, essential oils!


BECOME: “A new line of cosmetics for a new life”.

The skin is the largest organ of our body.
What we put on our skin is quickly absorbed and passes directly into our blood and lymphatic systems.
Hence the interest of choosing with care what you will decide to apply on it.
You should therefore choose products that would be safe if you ate them..
The dangers of traditional cosmetics filled with chemicals are no longer to be demonstrated and endanger your health on a daily basis.
The Hippocrates Institute had so far focused on developing supplements of the highest nutritional quality to help the body regenerate and regain health from the inside out.
With this revolutionary line, the Institute has created a range of natural cosmetics capable of supporting your health in the opposite direction, from the outside to the inside.
It is not only a cosmetics line, it is also a range of “food supplements”. This is called Nutri-cosmetic. These products will feed your organs through the skin.
The line is made up of incredible ingredients formulated to support your beauty but also your inner balance.
The Hippocrates Institute will provide your beauty and health with the best ingredients filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, phyto-nutrients…
The formulation of these natural cosmetics has nothing to hide, it is pure, safe, the ingredients are organic or wild-crafted.
The majority of the ingredients come from the sea and each product is made with algae (Laminaria, Fucus, and Porphyra).
The richness of these products will support the production of collagen, the cellular renewal, the elasticity of the skin, will fight free radicals, repair the damaged tissues and fight the inflammation.
With these natural products, you will benefit from The highest quality and from the world renowned of the Hippocrates Institute guaranteeing you a perfect safety and optimum quality for your health and beauty.
You deserve the best, so don’t hesitate to test them and they will quickly become your most faithful allies!
The line is 100% Vegan, 100% Natural, contains no chemicals or preservatives…


Is it possible to lose fat in specific areas of the body? ( Hippocrates Health Institute )

We all said this: “I want to lose weight on my stomach, buttocks, hips…”.
We may have tried to search for answers on the net, tried fitness or personal coaches, or tried to create our own sport program..The bad news is that it is simply impossible to remove the fat only in certain parts of the body.

Research has shown that diets and sports programs that have been created to target specific areas of the body, to eliminate fat and build muscle in these areas do not work.
Your body doesn’t care whether you want to lose abdominal fat or if you want to have prettier buttocks… which means that if you want to lose fat in some areas, you will have to follow a program that treats fat loss throughout the whole body.
As a result, physical exercise and a suitable food program will reduce the fat reserves of the whole body and not just in specific areas that you want to target.

However, research has shown that there is another way: Percutaneous delivery. It’s the scientific way that means “through the skin”.

Some beneficial components have shown their exceptional efficacy to pass into the body through the skin. There are many factors to consider, but the one that is extremely important is the molecular weight.

Studies have shown that once absorbed by the skin, these components are subsequently used by the body to burn fat.
It works in different ways:

  1. The Stimulation of sweating in these areas. The components that have this property are often cheap and of poor quality in many so-called slimming creams that abound on the market. Unfortunately they dehydrate these areas and give the illusion of weight loss, and they have only a minor efficacy on fat metabolism.
  2. The Stimulation of fat metabolism. Some components are able to support fat metabolism in these areas and thus burn fat efficiently.
  3. The Prevention of Lipogenesis. They effectively prevent the formation of new fatty deposits in these areas where the skin has absorbed them.

Of course, these lotions should not be an alternative to a sports training program and a suitable diet, but they are kind of like “icing on the cake” to help fat loss in these specific areas. We would of course recommend to continue to lift weights, to have cardiovascular training and to have an healthy diet. The Hippocrates Health Institute has developed a Cream of very high quality and entirely natural with exceptional ingredients that support fat loss effectively in these particular areas where fatty deposits are more important.
It is especially recommended for people who have a lot of abdominal fat to apply this cream, because a high concentration of fat in the abdomen area increases mortality and cardiovascular diseases, and thus decreases the Lifetime.


BECOME A HEAVENLY BODY : natural slimming cream

This natural slimming lotion with a creamy texture has powerful active ingredients that stimulate fat metabolism and prevents the formation of cellulite clusters in addition to an adequate physical activity.
It contains fisetine (a potent flavonoid), raspberry ketones, caffeine and essential oils that irrigate cellulite clusters, increase blood circulation and release toxins accumulated in fats.
The skin is firmer, smoother, and the efficacy of this natural slimming cream is optimized when applied 30 minutes before any physical exercise.

  • Fisetine that stimulates fat metabolism, prevents lipogenesis by stopping fat formation
  • Ketones Raspberry which act for 24 hours on fat metabolism
  • Antioxidants like vitamin E in the form of pure Whole Food
  • Caffeine and essential oils that irrigate fatty deposits, increase blood circulation and release toxins accumulated in fats
  • Algaes that provide essential minerals that allow for the drainage and support of connective tissues

For any weight loss, consider using in addition to this slimming cream, LIFEGIVE MELTAWAY, an enzyme complex specializing in the elimination of unwanted fats.
MELTAWAY + A HEAVENLY BODY = Winning duo to lose weight effectively!


Use : Massage and make well penetrate the cream on the areas to be treated. Even more effective when applied 30 minutes before any physical activity.


Ingredients : Isotonic seawater, porphyra red algae extract, laminaria extract, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, cetearyl glucoside, virgin coconut oil, vegetal glycerin, lithotham-nium algae extract, propanediol (maize extract), fisetin & raspberry ketone, oligo saccharides (from algae), glycolic acid, essential oils of lavender, bitter orange, armoise, grapefruit & lemongrass; caffeine, xanthan gum, irish moss extract, japanese honeysuckle, vitamin E oil.


Packaging : 240 ml

Small tip : Be careful with the tap water charged with chlorine and chemicals that endanger the health of your skin. Consider using filters to purify water or use deionized water.

Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.

External use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Validity 1 year after opening.


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