Curam Elixir – Beauty, Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant, Vit C – 118 ml – Anima Mundi

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Curam Elixir – Beauty, Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant, Vit C – 118 ml – Anima Mundi 

Beauty Elixir | Skin Nutrients | Anti-Oxidant | Ancient Anti-Aging Plants

A powerful blend of some of the most antioxidant and vitamin C rich foods on the planet. This formula is a mega-load of phytonutrients and essential minerals for total body harmony. 

This blend contains the power of anti-aging powerhouses, such as camu camu, amla peel, turmeric, and mangosteen, all of which are renowned beauty medicines that are also nutrient dense. These roots and peels aren’t just for internal and external beauty, they’re also immensely immune supportive, and increase a sense of vitality in the body and mind. 

Ingredients :

Turmeric Root*, Camu Camu Fruit*, Amla Fruit, Mangosteen Pericarp, Mangosteen Fruit*, Tulsi leaf*, Lemon Peel*, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Extracted in Vegetable Glycerin* and Cane Spirits*.

*Organic / Wildcrafted^

This high potency elixir is extracted with reverse osmosis water, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic cane alcohol to ensure high bioavailability.

Use :

Add 1 teaspoon to your favorite smoothie, juice, tea or water. If drunk with other tonics, recommended before breakfast, to enhance its powerful alkalizing properties in the morning.

Packaging: 118 ml

Store the container in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct contact with very bright light or sunlight as this may damage the product.

Precautions for use: pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems should still seek advice from their doctor before first use. Keep out of the reach of children. Respect the prescribed daily dose. Does not replace a varied and balanced diet.

Note: is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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