Energized Organic French Royal Jelly – Ballot Flurin

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Energized Organic French Royal Jelly – Ballot Flurin

  • Organic and French: harvested and potted by hand in the Pyrenees (flowers from biodiverse terroirs in organic and wild areas)
  • Never frozen
  • “No Kill”: obtained without killing the queen and respecting the bees. Without any contribution of food or non-organic chemical treatments.
  • Vital force tested
  • Preserved in real organic sheep’s wool and untreated


Secretion of nurses, royal jelly is a food reserved for the queen and young larvae. Thus, the queen lives thirty times longer than the foragers. Royal jelly is one of the richest substances that can be found in nature. Regenerate and preserve the general immunity of your body thanks to the deep action of our pure and fresh French Royal Jelly.

Beekeeper’s advice

10 g bottle = 25 days duration

Recommended at every change of season.
Take a 400 mg scoop on an empty stomach every morning (dose spoon provided).
Let melt under the tongue while relaxing for an optimal bio-energetic effect.
Wait 15 minutes before feeding again.

Ingredients : 

100% French royal jelly *.
* ingredients from Organic Farming. Certified by FR-BIO-10

Packaging: 10g jar for 25 days

Store in the refrigerator between + 5 ° C and + 8 ° C, before and after opening.

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