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Body care kit

BECOME LOVED UP AND BLISSED OUT - laminaria body oil with liquid oxygen

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BECOME A HEAVENLY BODY natural slimming cream

fisetine (flavonoid), raspberry ketones, algaes, caffeine, essential oils

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BECOME A FREE SPIRIT powerful decongestant gel (lymph drainage, heavy legs, oedemas, water retention), detoxifying and anti-pain

Lymph drainage, detox, anti-pain

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Pack composed of the 3 most effective body treatments to moisturize the skin, bring oxygen, treat cellulite and water retention …

It is composed of :

  • Become Loved up and blissed outbeautiful laminar seaweed oil and liquid oxygen
  • Become A Heavenly Bodynatural slimming cream with exceptional powerful ingredients for weight loss
  • Become A Free Spirit : powerful decongestant gel (drainage water retention, water cellulite, lymph, edema …)


Do not hesitate anymore… Enhance your body with this exceptional products pack with unparalleled efficiency !

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