LIFEGIVE PROBIOTIC COLON RESTORE restores normal colon function – Raw, Vegan, Organic

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Probiotics (with prebiotic) 

15 days treatment

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How to reconstitute your intestinal flora after treatment with antibiotics, chemo or radiotherapy? Which probiotics to choose?




LifeGive Dietary Supplements were created more than 35 years ago by the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, which hosts every year anonymous and celebrities who come to learn how to take charge of their health.

These supplements are manufactured exclusively by and for the Institute, and only derived from plants and natural products.

They are Certified NOS (Naturally Occuring Standard) that makes the difference between natural vitamins and nutrients, and those made from chemical products.

They are made from whole foods and contain no preservatives, chemicals or any other harmful ingredients, allowing the body to assimilate them with a maximum absorption rate.

Vitamins derived from chemicals have a very low level of effectiveness since they are not recognized by the body that considers them as foreign. They are therefore difficult to absorb and endanger the proper functioning of the immune system. You won’t therefore have any benefit by using such low-quality products.

With LifeGive, you benefit from The experience of more than 60 years and from the world-renowned of the Institute, guaranteeing you an optimal and irreproachable quality.

If you want the best products for your health, those of the Hippocrates Institute will perfectly meet your requirements of quality, safety, ethics and above all efficiency, and that is why they remain unequalled to date!

Test the Difference, and they will become your faithful allies In your quest of optimal health!



Probiotics are Beneficial bacteria that play a very important role in your health creating a protective barrier along the intestinal wall, against the bad bacteria.
 Probiotics represent 60% of our immune response by secreting molecules that fight against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and yeasts, so they keep us healthy.
They have a role in several important functions like:

  • -Boost the immune system
    -Reduce cholesterol
  • -Decrease blood pressure
    -Promote digestion
    -Improve the absorption of iron and other minerals
    -Help synthesize nutrients from your food
    -Reduce inflammation
    -Clean the intestinal mucosa
    -Help in reducing allergies
    -Promote uro-genital health
    -Reduce irritable bowel syndrome and colitis
    -Support the development and functioning of the digestive system
    -Give you energy


A lack of sufficient quantities of these valuable bacteria will damage the immune system and expose you to germs, bad bacteria and viruses that can make you sick
This line of probiotics differs widely from other brands. Lifegive Colon Restore is the only probiotic that acts on digestion and absorption functions : it contains enzymes for proteins digestion.

Lifegive Probiotic Colon Restore allows 90-96% digestion of proteins because it acts throughout the digestive system and not only in the stomach and small intestine. Its ability to adapt to different ph allows it to function at different levels of the digestive tract that have different ph. Proteins should therefore be cut into smaller molecules, amino acids, in order to be used by the organism. Undigested proteins can be harmful to the organism.
This digestion of proteins makes it possible to increase the absorption rate by 40% through the intestinal barrier. The intestinal barrier is the place where most nutrients are absorbed, and Lifegive Probiotic Colon Restore does not only increase the absorption rate but it helps to repair the intestinal barrier, which will increase the absorption rate in return.

Broad-spectrum probiotic, formulated to act at the level of the small intestine and colon through a delayed release mode. It has been specially designed to restore the balance of the intestinal flora that has been destroyed after the use of antibiotics or invasive treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) very destructive of these good bacteria so essential to support the immune system.

LifeGive™ Colon Restore Probiotic is a next-generation broad-spectrum formulation that offers the same benefits of Probiotic Maintenance, and also contains highly concentrated strains of beneficial Bifidobacteria, created to support the large intestine. 

Prebiotics and Probiotics act synergistically to nurture healthy gut bacteria, and their combined potency can be used to maintain superior, digestive-tract health. Gut microbes collaborate with the immune system and support an immune response to disease-causing pathogens, helping to protect against illness.

Advanced manufacturing techniques are used to ensure the survivability of cultures, allowing for a reduction in the probiotic counts, but offering enhanced biological activity.
Input proportion is not a vital factor because these living organisms reproduce rapidly once inside the body. The efficacy and bioavailability of these cultures are greatly enhanced, due to high-quality ingredients and masterful formulating making this a superior probiotic.


Ingredients :

Amount Per Serving (2 capsules)
Probiotic Blend 500mg:
Bifidobacterium bifidum 21 billion CFU
Bifidobacterium breve 1.8 billion CFU
Lactobacillus plantarum 1 billion CFU
Lactobacillus lactis 8 billion CFU
Lactobacillus acidophilus 7.5 billion CFU
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 5 billion CFU
Lactobacillus casei 2.5 billion CFU
Bifidobacterium longum 2.5 billion CFU
Lactobacillus salivarius 0.25 billion CFU
Lactobacillus bulgaricus 0.12 billion CFU
Inulin 250 mg
Protease 3.0 2 SAPU
Protease 4.5 0.45 HUT
Other Ingredients:
Vegetable capsule, L-leucine, Silicia



Use : 2 capsules per day, preferably to be taken on an empty stomach (in the morning or evening before bedtime, 2 hours after meals. )
Treatment for 15 days. Can be used while taking antibiotics.

Packaging : 30 capsules

Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use.

These probiotics are 100% Vegan, Raw, Organic GMO-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soybeanless, without excipients, without artificial dyes, flavourings or preservatives, kosher-certified and derived from enzymes obtained from plants. Contains corn.

Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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