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  • Used by many world class athletes
  • Was used by the cosmonauts of the MIR space station

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QRS revolutionizes Medicine!                                             

Health and energy for your cells! QRS Creates Life!                    



Declared as “a blessing for humanity, from the infant to the elderly” by Professor Linus Pauling, double Nobel laureate, expert in vitamins and minerals, this device can be “a wonderful element to speed up healing, slow down the Aging and preventing any disease by making the body more resistant ” (Dr Sherry Rogers, environmental specialist).

Imagine being able to live a life full of health, energy and vitality, without pain and without limits!

Imagine what your life would look like if you lived it at its highest level!

This life is possible thanks to this formidable advanced technology that revolutionizes medicine and opens you the doors of a better life!

This device is categorized as “medical device” and is the only one to have an exclusive patent for cellular “ion transport”.

It is the best electromagnetic field therapy device in the world, which is why it was used by cosmonauts in the MIR space station and by famous international athletes and sports coaches for its skills and exceptional efficiency.

You can also enjoy its incredible benefits and have the life you want, do not wait and be part of those people who have changed their lives with this technology of the future!

Lie down and relax, the QRS works for you!

The specialists of the QRS company will help you, thanks to the consultations they offer for free, to obtain the best settings of the device according to your current situation, your needs and your desires in terms of health and performance. You will be accompanied throughout your journey towards optimal health!

Healthy Cells: The Source of Vitality

Everyone wants to have the highest vitality possible to achieve what we aspire to.

But vitality is not guaranteed. It must be developed, maintained and preserved.

Compared to our vitality, our health exists or does not exist … But it has become a real challenge to preserve it considering all the negative external influences that we undergo:

  • tobacco,                                                                                                                                                   
  • alcohol
  • pollution 
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • overweight
  • lack of physical exercise
  • nitrates
  • heavy metals
  • electromagnetic pollution 
  • pharmaceuticals
  • permanent stress 

To face this challenge, it is important to know where to find the sources for a life full of health and vitality.

Where does health and vitality come from?

Strong, healthy cells are the source of our vitality and well-being.

Sick and weak cells promote disease and exhaust us.

70 billion cells must function properly so that we can feel healthy and stay healthy.

Our cells are electric and resonate at different frequencies. They work in synergy with each other. When a small energy deficit appears in a cell or a group of cells, an imbalance occurs. Our cells no longer function optimally, the immune system weakens. The consequence will be the appearance of diseases and a slowdown in the elimination of waste from the body.

As long as the cells are full of energy, the man is in good health.

Modern living conditions are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, low nutritional value, adverse environmental factors, and ongoing stress are ideal conditions for the onset of current illnesses. Premature aging, increased chronic diseases … are the price to pay for all these unnatural living conditions.

“There are not 300 diseases, there are only cellular dysfunctions”.

The fact is that the cells can be recharged to find their correct level of functioning and when they regain their energy:

– the whole cellular metabolism is stimulated

– red blood cells are regenerated and blood cells move more freely and are well oxygenated

– the immune system is strengthened

– vitamins and minerals are better absorbed

– the respiratory system works more efficiently

– the nervous system relaxes

-the liver, kidneys and spleen are able to detoxify

The Quantum Medicine

QRS is the result of more than 10 years of research and development of Prof. Fischer AG, on quantum medicine

Quantum medicine focuses on the origin of human life, the CELL.

Being the smallest entity of the body, the cell is responsible for the “state” of health of the body.

The scientists and researchers of Prof. Fischer AG of the “Institute of Quantum Medicine”, have examined the complex processes inside the cell for more than 10 years. The behavior of the cell strongly coincides with the “electrical energy” of it. The “voltage of the cell” is essential for the absorption of minerals and vitamins, and is also responsible for the proper elimination of toxic agents. Research in this field has really advanced, and the knowledge gained has been used for the development of this unique “quantum resonance system”: QRS.

QRS reaches every cell of the body, making vitality possible without any effort. In this way, QRS corrects the poorly functioning cells and their energy blockages.

One of the greatest chemists of the 20th century, and holder of 2 Nobel Prizes, Prof. Linus Pauling spoke about the potential of the QRS in the field of health: “QRS is a blessing for humanity, from the infant to the elderly”





Prof. Linus Pauling (1901-1994), double Nobel Prize,

chemist and expert in vitamins and minerals, founder of ortho-molecular medicine


BENEFITS of pulsed magnetic therapy for health:

  • improves sleep
  • reduces stress
  • relieves pain and relaxes muscles
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • relieves breathing disorders
  • promotes relaxation and increases energy
  • relieves migraines
  • improves sports performance
  • promotes healing of muscle injuries, stretching, sprains, tendinitis, ligament tearing
  • controls the complications and consequences of diabetes
  • supports healing of bones and fractures
  • increases blood oxygenation and nutrient absorption
  • decreases inflammation of the joints
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • pre- and post-menopausal hormonal balance
  • repairs wounds and heals skin damage
  • improves blood circulation
  • normalizes the level of cholesterol by improving metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • balances the acupuncture meridians of the body in just 8 minutes
  • accelerates regeneration and recovery after physical exertion …

For the respiratory system:

• Increases oxygen uptake, reduces breathing problems and asthma attacks

For the Cardiovascular System:

• Strengthens the cardiovascular system

• Improves blood circulation and microcirculation – reduces platelet adhesion (viscosity)

• Positive influence on secondary disorders, such as migraine, tinnitus.

• Prevents thrombosis (blood clots) – patients who use medication should consult their physician before using QRS

• Regulates high and low blood pressure – stimulates the natural production of nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels and increases their diameter.

• Improves blood values: improves the level of cholesterol, increases the partial pressure of oxygen

For the Skeletal System:

• Accelerates bone healing – increases the level of calcium and magnesium in cells and bones

• Osteoporosis – measurable increase in bone density (20 to 30 percent) after only six months of daily use

• Arthritis – reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and oxygenation, rheumatic diseases

For the Nervous System:

• Reduces stress

• Positive effects on nervousness, exhaustion syndromes, sleep disorders

• Helps counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by electrical appliances, wireless and cellular phones, microwaves, power lines, etc.





                                                                                                                       Rheumatoid arthritis


                                                                                                                    Surgery scars


                                                                                                          Tendinitis with calcification

The principle of the “key lock”  –  Quantron Resonance System

QRS is the main key of the cell membrane

“QRS works by stimulating the rhythms of enzymes and encouraging the formation of hormones.” (Dr. E.G. Fischer: the basics of quantum therapy – how to live 20 years more)

When hormones lead to muscle growth, there is no effort behind it, but simply an ingenious principle of nature: hormones function exclusively as signals carrying messages. But the cell will accept the message only if the hormone has the right receptors that fit perfectly with those of the cell. This is the principle of the “key lock”. 1 key only opens 1 door.

At the same time, science has shown that: the cell not only transforms the “secret message” of hormones into a biological language, but also “lights” special electromagnetic receptors that lead to the creation of quantum resonance fields.

Quantum fields have the particular characteristic of crossing the body without resistance, unlike the light, sound and electrical frequencies that are already absorbed in the upper layers of the skin.

QRS has imitated this principle of nature in an ingenious way. QRS delivers to the cellular receiver a code, such as a message in the form of a frequency.

And in the body’s own language, this message means “cell works, cell produces energy, cell cleans” and this message is effectively received by all cells.

Cellular Voltage: the health indicator of the cell

QRS stimulates cells and improves cell voltage

QRS activates cells for better absorption of vital substances, including oxygen.

The daily use of the QRS vitalises the body in a certain way, which can only be achieved by a daily walk of more than 3 hours for example.

In detail: QRS increases cellular metabolism and consequently improves the cell’s membrane electrical potential. This improves the cell’s ability to function. The mitochondrion then produces more energy, which promotes optimal cellular activity.
Improving the electrical potential of the cell results in higher osmotic traction for nutrients and minerals within the cell. Their assimilation is greatly facilitated.

At the same time, the blood circulation in the tissues is increased, providing the “thirsty” cells with more oxygen. Greater penetration of blood and oxygen has several positive effects: reduction of fermentation processes and excess acid, relaxation of muscle tension, boost of metabolism and strengthening of the immune system.                                              

At the same time, QRS is working on detoxification. QRS encourages the expulsion of toxic agents from the cell.       

The cell voltage decreases from 35 years old.

The cell voltage of a healthy cell is at an optimal level between 70 and 100 mV. Ionic exchanges are thus facilitated. Below 70 mV, the cells suffer and the risk of developing diseases increases considerably. The cancer cells generally have an average voltage of 20 mV.

A healthy cell

A healthy cell needs enough ions as nutrition to make ATP molecules (energy), as well as a voltage between 70 and 110 mV in order to maintain cellular energy at a constant level.


A sick cell

A sick cell loses energy, there is not enough available ATP. The voltage of the cell membrane drops to 40-50 mV. Caution: Cancer cells have a voltage of only 20 mV and are unable to regenerate. They ferment and require 16 times more energy from their environment.



A cell loaded with energy

The QRS generates energy inside the cell and keeps it at a constant level under the effect of specific magnetic fields. Toxic wastes and residues are removed from the cell at the same time. This effect is unique and patented worldwide.



Cellular preservation and regeneration are the pillars of quantum medicine, and are possible thanks to this wonderful device that is the QRS.

QRS has a patent, certifications and international awards. It is registered as a medical device throughout Europe and many other countries.
It is based on decades of scientific knowledge and research.

Cell metabolism: ion transport – exclusive QRS patent

The QRS resonance fields stimulate cell potential and increase cell function and metabolism.

Cells are the basic building blocks of life. The more a cell is permeable to vitamins, minerals and oxygen, the better it will work.

QRS opens the cells to vitamins, minerals and oxygen.

QRS also helps expel waste out of the cell.

In this way, the cells stay alive, are better equipped and encourage their self-regeneration. This means that a longer, healthier and more vital life is possible through the encouragement of cellular regeneration.

Blood cells observed under a microscope

                          before treatment      after 5 min      5 min after treatment      15 min after treatment


Free radicals responsible of aging

“Free radicals are responsible for many acute and chronic diseases and at the cellular level they are responsible for very serious damage.”

Prevention is often cited as the medicine of the future.

The QRS use and a healthy diet can control aging.

Although all human beings are equipped with an endogenous system of protection against free radicals, and even with the healthiest way of life, we can not neutralize all the damage of free radicals in our body.

The combination of QRS use and specific nutrients (transport of vital substances into cells) can stop the process.
Specific nutrients must contain ingredients such as antioxidant vitamins (vit A, C, E), zinc, phytonutrients (lutein, zeaxanthin, polyphenols, beta-carotene …).

With QRS, these nutrients could be delivered efficiently to cells, which would improve cell metabolism.

Free radicals are produced during normal metabolic processes in the body.
High stress, intense physical activity, poor diet, alcohol, tobacco … all encourage the development of free radicals

Solid bones and without pain, ready to enjoy life

Our skeletal system is constantly impaired. Some bone cells, osteoclasts, are only intended to reduce bone mass, and osteoblasts are involved in the reconstruction.

With the help of stimulants like hormones and thanks to the movements of the body, the bones remain healthy.

With each compression, the movement generates an electrical flow in the bone, responsible for the “piezoelectric effect”. This electrical flow is the stimulant of bone builders, osteoblasts, which react very strongly. QRS can generate this piezoelectric effect without the need for movement.

In the human brain, there are a large number of opioid receptors.

If these opioid receptors are covered by morphine or endogenous opiates (endorphins), even the most severe pain can be eliminated. If there is no pain, the mood improves.

Because there are also opioid receptors that respond to QRS signals, it’s easy to understand why the QRS is able to treat all pain.

QRS and detoxification

We live in an environment that is more and more toxic.

Most of our food, if not organic, is grown with pesticides, chemicals, and injected with hormones.

With the increase in pollution, the water we drink and the air we breathe are increasingly toxic.

The chemicals in our shampoos, deodorants, household products … are very dangerous for our health.

We are exposed every day to the electromagnetic pollution of high-voltage power lines, cell phones, computers … which hurts our health.

Research has shown that the accumulation of dangerous toxins in the body affects biochemical processes in the body. They exhaust us, make us sick, make us age faster.

Cell regeneration is the key to eliminating waste, toxins and free radicals from the body.
The QRS assists the body in its ability to release toxins through the cellular regeneration process. It opens the cell membrane which allows the expulsion of toxins.

Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental scientist, and author of the book “Detoxify or Die”, strongly recommends the use of QRS. “Remember that every chemical in our air, our food, and our water gets inside our body and disrupts the normal functioning of our organs.” Oxidized molecules bind with molecules of air that penetrate easily into our lungs and pass into the bloodstream, from where they are distributed to all organs, including the brain. Clearly, the QRS can be a wonderful element to accelerate healing, slow down aging and prevent any disease in making the body more resistant. “

QRS for athletes who want to perform at their highest level!

Many world-class athletes substitute their training by the QRS.

With the proper program parameters, QRS encourages our sympathetic nervous system to produce optimal performance for the athlete.

QRS improves blood flow and increases oxygen delivery to cells.

Each athlete is therefore optimally prepared in a very short time and without effort.

He can save his strength for the final sprint!

Following the reactions of many athletes, QRS can also be used optimally for the regeneration phase after exercise.

With the proper setting, the QRS can encourage the parasympathetic system.

It is used for the metabolism, the regeneration and the reconstitution of the reserves of the organism.

It creates peace, relaxation and rejuvenation: the essential condition that our body needs to regenerate itself.

QRS increases performance for optimal results!

Thermographic photos of the progression of body surface temperature: Before QRS, After 4 min, After 8 min

The increase in peripheral blood volume during treatment with QRS increases oxygen supply and improves mobilization of important energy carriers for cells.

-improves regeneration and relaxation after training and competitions
-Passive warm-up before training or competitions
-prevention and treatment of sore muscles after training or competitions
-looseness of muscle tension and body realignment of muscles in good position (recreates efficient balance-stretching)
-accelerated muscle building and bone healing. Nutrients and oxygen are brought by increasing blood flow
-strengthening of endurance (also for muscles) through the improvement of oxygen delivery to tissues
-assists and accelerates the healing process of physical injuries (elongations, sprains, tendon and ligament tears, dislocations, neuronal damage)
-strengthening and revitalizing the immune system

QRS is used and has been used by many athletes around the world. Professionals of American basketball (NBA), baseball, soccer, cycling (used many times on the Tour de France, the Giro … Chiappucci, Rominger, Furlan, many years ago), golf , boxing (Wladimir Klitschko) …. have made of the QRS, an indispensable element of their success.

Using the QRS in the space !

Long-term space missions emphasize the need of magnetic fields to prevent osteoporosis.      

The first space travelers returned home with lower bone densities because they were no longer exposed to the influence of Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields.

It has become clear to scientists that even the Earth’s magnetic field, however small, is absolutely essential to prevent osteoporosis.

Since 1996, the QRS has been tested in the program of the MIR space station. It was installed to counter the calcium loss of cosmonaut bones.

Women and men engaged in long-term missions face a loss of bone density because they can not do the required exercise in weightlessness. However, the introduction of QRS reduced circulatory problems, increased the amount of oxygen in the blood stream, activated cellular metabolism, and provided additional energy for space travelers.

The QRS system brings these benefits directly on Earth. 

“In order to maintain good health, our cosmonauts need to use the QRS during their flight to Mars!” Professor Dr. V. M. Baranoy, Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow

Calcium Cascade and QRS

A very important phenomenon of QRS

The influx of calcium into the cell (calcium cascade):

Increasing the concentration of H + ions in the membrane results in a reduction of the pH value near the membrane.

This leads to the release of calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane. Unbound calcium flows into the nucleus of the cell and triggers many metabolic reactions.

Macrophages (tissue cells that act as protection against infections) will be activated which strengthens the immunological system.

The metabolism will be activated and nitric oxide, one of the most effective blood vessel expander, will be produced.

In addition, cytogenesis (structure, function and multiplication of cells) is stimulated.

The positively charged hydrogen ions will activate the release of calcium, which will be distributed to different cells such as bones or nerve cells, or is eliminated if it is not useful.

The result of this cascade of calcium in the blood is the decalcification of the deposits of the walls of the blood vessels. This means that arteriosclerosis of the blood vessels can be stopped, and that the process can be reversed.

When calcium arrives in the cell, it generates a series of positive effects:

-macrophages are activated. They are an important part of the immune system (defense against bacteria and cancer cells)
-the enzymes are activated, stimulated and controlled. In summary, cellular metabolism is regulated.
-Nitric oxide is produced and disperses in the blood. Blood vessels dilate and blood circulation improves cell division and differentiation are stimulated. Differentiation means that every cell in the human body plays its proper role. Cancer cells are examples of cells that do not differentiate properly. This means that if the differentiation is done correctly with the QRS, the number of normal cells is increased.
-the blood pressure is normalizing.
-sensitivity to adrenaline and cortisol decreases (stress hormones).
-insulin production is activated.
-intensification of cellular ion exchange.
-the metabolism of fatty acids is normalized.

With the QRS, our cells regain their maximum energy potential!


BASIS – general health maintenance program. The magnetic field consists of the following frequency cycles: 3 hertz, 22 hertz, 500 hertz, 750 hertz, and 1000 hertz. The BASIS program focuses on ion transport in cells, particularly protons, thereby stimulating metabolism and cellular communication. The mobility of red blood cells is also stimulated which decreases the grouping or sticking of blood cells.

VITAL – increases the power of higher intensity programs and promotes activation of nitric oxide to increase activity and energy in the body and release a high level of endorphins. The dominant frequencies are: 0.1 hertz, 10 hertz, 22 hertz, 250 hertz, 500 hertz, and 750 hertz.

RELAX – activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to optimize relaxation. Dominant frequencies: 0.3 Hz, 1.5 Hz, and 3 Hz, and from 3 Hz up to 1000 Hz in subtle support. Positive influence on the immune system, relaxation, insomnia, stress reduction and muscle relaxation. These frequencies correspond to Delta waves of the human brain for deep sleep

The QRS can be used by everyone, from infants to the elderly (intensity mode suited to everyone).

Contraindications: fever, venous thrombosis, ongoing pregnancy, severe cardiac arrhythmias, high hypo or hypertension, high hyperthyroidism, migraine attack in progress. Epilepsy is noted as a contraindication in the manual but has been listed for legal reasons only. Several studies demonstrate the interest of pulsed magnetic fields in the treatment of epilepsy and the interest of using QRS in such situations (Dr. Rainer Krapf).

Patients with pacemakers, subcutaneous devices, or those with serious medical conditions should consult their physician before using it for the first time.

Patients on anticoagulants should be followed regularly by their doctor to adjust their treatment as their condition improves (readjustment of the drug dosage).

Use :

In general, the QRS is used 1 to 3 times a day. It can be programmed up to one hour of treatment. In most cases, 8 to 24 minutes are recommended. The QRS can be used safely every day.

Different intensities can be programmed. At first, start with the lowest intensity.

Lie down on the mat and relax, the QRS works for you!


The QRS contains :

  • a control unit QRS 101
  • a whole body applicator (mat)
  • a local applicator (pillow) to treat special areas
  • a carrier bag

3 years warranty

Other accessories are available with supplement :

  • glasses to treat the area around the eyes (reduction of wrinkles and dark circles by increased blood flow)
  • ear headphones to treat ears
  • pen applicator to treat a localized area (fingers, joint, teeth …)


Possibilities of sessions in Marseille.

You can contact me by email or phone for more information.


Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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