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pure germanium, bio-available, ionic (angström size)

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In his research, Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Price of chemistry) was able to highlight the relationship between inbalance of the body and a lack of minerals.
For him, any inbalance (of any order whatsoever) can be linked to a deficiency in these precious elements.

Our body uses and needs more than 80 minerals to stay in balance.
Dr. Linus Pauling has identified 21 that are essential.

Minerals are the co-factors of many enzymatic reactions essential to the proper functioning of the human body. These precious minerals activate the enzymes that will be able to play their role. Without these minerals, the enzyme will remain inactive.
Each cell is dependent on these precious elements in order to maintain its structure, its role and its electrical conduction.

Dr. A. True Ott, a PhD in nutrition, founded MOTHER EARTH MINERALS more than 10 years ago and this company became the leader in this field.
Dr. Linus Pauling played a major role in his understanding of the phenomena of the human body and explained to him that a mineral can only have an effect on a cell if it is able to penetrate it.



Mother Minerals Earth Minerals are meticulously prepared with pure water, distilled, energized.
Through a complex process of which Mother Earth Minerals has the secret, the minerals are liquefied and take the form of crystals very highly bioavailable, non-metallic, ionic and the size of a angstrom (size required to be able to penetrate inside the cell).
The ionic charge is the opposite of cell load which allows the minerals to be quickly absorbed with a rate approaching 100%.


  • Ionic : That is to say they have an electrical charge allowing them to pass the intestinal barrier
  • Water soluble : Very highly Bio-Available, the size of a angstrom, which can penetrate inside the cells and not just the bloodstream.
  • Completely natural : No sugar, starch, yeast, artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives, animal products, dairy products, wheat, gluten, corn…
  • 100% VEGAN
  • The highest quality of liquid minerals on the market, pioneer in their field and often copied…
  • Unique formula that make them Bio-Available



Ingredients : pure ionic germanium 99,9% and pure enhanced distilled water

concentration  +/- 50ppm , 0,050mg per dropperful

Mother Earth Minerals are meticulously prepared from a pure elemental source (up to 99.99% pure) in the purest and enhanced structured water. They are ionic (having an electric charge), water soluble (angstrom-sized ions highly bio-available in aqueous solution), and cell-available (available for absorption into the human cell).


Use : external use, gargles, skin application

Packaging : 2 oz glass eyedropper bottle (About 56 ml)

Precautions for use : Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with serious health problems, should take advice from their doctor before first use. Keep out of reach of children. Respect the recommended daily dose.

Note : This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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