HHI 360° – Electro Magnetic Radiation Neutralizer

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HHI 360° – Electro Magnetic Radiation Neutralizer

EMF Radiation Neutralizer for Cell phones and other WIFI devices. Protect yourself and your family today. Reduce phone radiation up to 90%!

What is HHI 360° ?

HHI 360° is an innovative product from the Hippocrates Health Institute, that can protect its users against the potentially harmful effect of electromagnetic waves 24/7 for up to 3 years.

HHI 360° is a composite of twenty different compounds that have the propensity to absorb potentially harmful electric and magnetic waves.

Among other protective attributes, these ceramics convert potentially harmful EMF waves into shorter far infrared rays, a useful bionic energy. This process works continuously to protect the users EMF exposure on their mobile devices.

Other benefits of the HHI 360:

  • Shield allows people with EMF hypersensitivity to use cell phone easily.
  • Blocks/Harmonizes Negative Effect of Cell Phone or WiFi device.
  • Protect family and children from harmful EMFs.
  • Fits all cell phones, Cordless phones, tablets up to 7”, small computers, baby monitors, and any eBook reader.


HHI 360 ° is a small device about 1cm in diameter that you can easily stick on the front or back of your mobile phone or small connected devices.

Lab tested in USA :

  • Does not affect reception
  • No more facial burning reported by users and Infrared camera test shows no facial temperature increase.
  • Users report reduction in : headaches, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and other symptoms of cellular disruption including impact on brain functioning that have the public concerned.


How to attach HHI 360° ?

Clean surface for HHI 360° to adhere properly. 

Remove safety tape from the Bottom of the shield to expose adhesive surface, then attach to device. (Certain surface textures may require additional adhesive).

Place it on the front or the back side of your device. Do not place it near the battery section of the phone due to the sensors and the magnetic component.

Manufacturer recommends product replacement after 3 years.

HHI 360° can be re-attached to another device using additional adhesive.


EMF NEUTRALIZER-EMF Radiation shield against electron pollution from cell phones and devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) Biological Effectiveness.

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